• a

  • Advance voting, advance poll

    A poll held prior to the general election day(s).

  • b

  • Ballot box

    An official box used to receive completed ballots from electors.

  • Board of Revisors

    A body charged with updating the list of electors.

  • Borough

    An administrative subdivision of the City

  • Borough council

    A body that makes decisions and adopts regulations specific to a particular borough.

  • Borough councillor

    A person elected by ballot who sits on the council of his or her borough, where he or she represents the population of his or her district or borough.

  • Borough Mayor

    A person elected by the voters of his or her borough. He or she performs similar functions to the city mayor, but at the borough level.

  • c

  • Candidate

    A person who is nominated and accepts to run for an elected office somewhere in Ville de Montréal.

  • chairperson of the identity verification panel

    Presides the identity verification panel and gives the elector a certificate attesting that he has validly established his identity

  • Returning Officer

    Person in charge of the election. The city clerk is the Returning Officer.

  • City council or municipal council

    The main decision-making body of the city of Montréal, composed of 65 elected members.

  • City Mayor

    The city mayor represents the entire municipality and is elected by all electors of the municipality. He or she has the right to monitor, enquire about and supervise the operation and expenditures of the city.

  • Counting of the votes

    Counting the votes on each ballot to determine which candidates win the election.

  • d

  • Declaration of election

    Official disclosure of those persons elected after the votes are counted.

  • e

  • Election day(s) or polling day(s)

    Day(s) on which regular voting takes place.

  • Election period

    A period of time during which the election campaign takes place (up to November 7).

  • Election personnel

    Employees hired by Elections Montréal to conduct the election.

  • Élections Montréal

    A body that organizes the conduct of municipal elections within the City of Montréal.

  • Élections Québec

    A body responsible for the administration of provincial elections, the permanent list of electors and the oversight of political party financing and election expenses.

  • Elector or voter

    A person whose name is entered on the city’s list of electors.

  • Electoral district

    A division of the municipal territory for electoral purposes.

  • Electoral framework

    Rules and process which establish the composition of the city (municipal) council, the borough councils and divides the territory into electoral districts.

  • l

  • List of Electors or electoral list

    A list that includes the names of electors who are eligible to vote.

  • n

  • Nomination form

    An official document that registers an eligible person as a candidate for an elected office.

  • Non domiciled elector

    A person entered on the list of electors by virtue of the fact that he/she is the owner or occupant of a business establishment located within the city limits.

  • p

  • Political party

    A political organization that brings together candidates for an election.

  • Poll

    A process whereby electors (voters) cast their votes, held on election day.

  • Polling station

    A furnished space operated by Elections Montréal where electors come to vote. Several polling stations are commonly located at a single polling location.

  • Polling subdivision

    A division of the list of electors within a given electoral district.

  • Proxy

    A document whereby a person, group of people or a party designates a person to act on their behalf in the former’s absence.

  • q

  • Qualification to vote

    Requirements to fulfil in order to vote in an election.

  • r

  • Reminder card

    A card sent by postal mail to persons entered on the list of electors.

  • Revision of the list of electors

    The revision of the list of electors is a process of updating the information that makes up the list of electors.

  • s

  • Striking off

    The act by a board of revisors of removing an elector's name from the list of electors.

  • v

  • Voting by mail

    Voting by mail is a choice offered to certain persons who are eligible to received a voting kit at home in order to vote remotely.