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Understanding the structure of Montreal's territory

The Ville de Montréal territory is divided into electoral districts. Candidates for the position of councillor file their candidacy in an electoral districts.

The general electoral framework determines the electoral districts and the composition of the city council and each of the 19 borough councils.

Municipal Council composition :

  • the city mayor, who is also the mayor of the borough of Ville-Marie,
  • borough mayors,
  • city councillors.

Borough Council composition :

  • each borough council has a minimum of 5 members, namely :
    • borough mayor,
    • city councillors,
    • borough councillors, depending on the case,
    • in the borouhg of Ville-Marie, there are 2 municipal councillors chosen by the city mayor.

Electoral framework synthesis (in French)

Electoral map of the 58 montreal districts

Electoral districts’ by-law