Before going to the polling station


Verify that you meet the criteria to be able to vote.


Find out which district you are in and who is running for office there.


Find out the dates for voting and where to vote.

What you need to bring

One of the following pieces of identity:

One of the following pieces of identity:

  • Québec driver’s licence
  • Health insurance card
  • Canadian passport
  • Certificate of Indian status
  • Canadian Forces ID card

Reminder card (optional)

The reminder card will help election officials find your name faster on the voters list.

You should receive it in the mail a few weeks before the election.


To also bring :

  • Your face covering (mask)
  • A pencil or pen (black or blue)

Voting at your polling station in seven easy steps


Following the instructions of the person greeting you, present your identity documents to the employee at your polling station table. They will verify your entry on the list of electors.


In order to identify yourself, lower your face mask for a few seconds, then put it back on and disinfect your hands.


Take your ballots and your own pen or pencil (or the one provided at the table).


You go behind the polling booth to vote in secret. On each ballot, put one mark in the circle corresponding to your chosen candidate.


Before leaving the voting booth, fold up your ballots to hide your choices, then return to your polling station table.


Detach the stubs from the ballots and put them in the assigned place.


Put your ballots into the ballot box.


If you have any questions when you vote, the election staff will be able to help you.

Where do I vote ?

Please complete the form below to see the different voting options open to you.

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