Montréal’s chief returning officer, Me Emmanuel Tani-Moore, has announced the results of the November 6 and 7 general election. 

The announcement comes after all the votes have been tallied, a painstaking process that adds up the votes cast for each candidate using the Statement of votes forms. 

Under the Act, there is a four-day time limit for any person who so wishes to request a recount. Such an application may be made by a motion addressed to a judge of the Court of Québec.

After this deadline passes, the chief returning officer will declare elected those candidates who have received the most votes for each of the 103 elected positions in Montréal. 

In the event that a recount is conducted, the proclamation of the election of these candidates will be made after certification of the results by the judge.

Official results of the municipal election in Montréal (in French)