11 days until the IBSG by-election

What is mobile voting?

Mobile voting and remote registration are used for electors who are incapable of going out due to health reasons.

List of locations eligible for mobile voting:

Center Address Form to fill out
1 Centre d’hébergement Denis-Benjamin Viger 3292 rue Cherrier, H9C1E4 Form CdS
2 Résidences Vivendi 10 rue Saint-Pierre, H9C2N4 Form CdS
3 Résidence La Rose de l’Île 486 rue Pierre-Boileau, H9C1V9 Form RPA
4 Résidence Saint-Raphaël 800 boulevard Jacques-Bizard, H9C0A1 Form RPA
5 Foyer Belle Vie 11 terrasse Martin, H9E1K5 Form CdS
6 Excelsoins Ste-Geneviève 16375 boulevard Gouin, H9H5L3 Form RPA
7 Château Pierrefonds 15928 boulevard Gouin, H9H1C8 Form CdS
8 CHSLD du Château sur le Lac 16289 boulevard Gouin, H9H1E2 Form CdS
9 Résidence Vent de l’Ouest 4500 boulevard Jacques-Bizard, H9H5N3 Form RPA
10 Résidence Le Manoir de l’Île-Bizard 339 rue Sainte-Marie, H9C1L2 Form CdS

How to register?

To vote at home, you must send your request no later than November 28 at 6 p.m. by filling out the form associated with your center or communicating directly with Elections Montreal.

When will mobile voting take place?

An Election Montreal team will meet you on December 9, beginning of day.